Transportation: How to Transfer DSB Purchases to Another Device (Lost/Stolen Phone)

Artwork by DIS Student Illustrator Malini Basu

DIS Copenhagen students need to use the DSB app to purchase tickets throughout their semester abroad. In the case of theft or a lost phone, you can transfer purchased tickets to a new device.

1. Open the DSB app and select ‘Log in with your DSB Plus profile’

2. Enter the email address associated with your DSB account (this should be the same email you use for DIS Online Registration)

3. After logging in, click on the ‘Tickets’ tab. The app will automatically recognize that you have valid tickets associated with this account but on another phone
4. Select ‘Transfer tickets’

5. The app will show which valid tickets you have available on another device. Select ‘Yes thanks, transfer all tickets and cards’

6. You can now find all your previously purchased tickets and Commuter Cards on your new device’s DSB app. You will receive an email from DSB letting you know that your tickets/card has been transferred

Note: you can always transfer the tickets again to another phone, if needed

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