A Day in the DIS Neighborhood

DIS Stockholm is located in the Östermalm district, known for its grand facades, unique shops, and beautiful parks. Local student Nick recently took over the @disstockholm Instagram account to take a closer look, and you can still access the takeover on the Highlights.

Where is DIS Stockholm?

Just a quick walk from central Östermalm is where you can find the state-of-the-art (no, really!) building where DIS is located. Shared with the Royal College of Music, the ground floor has friendly spaces to sit and chat with a friend.

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Looking for some peace and quiet? In the middle of Östermalm, you’ll find the park Humlegården. In the middle of it is the Royal Library, surrounded by broad sidewalks perfect for a peaceful afternoon stroll.

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The abundance of beautiful facades is perhaps what Östermalm is most known for. Take a look at the grand structures and get lost in all the details. Oh, and look for some surprising and fun elements too!


Nothing says culture more than independent shops. What about this shop dedicated to old postcards? Located at Sturegatan 44.



You’ve probably heard the Stockholm metrostations described as “the world’s longest art exhibition.” Stadion, the station steps away from DIS definitely lives up to expectations. One of the most photographed stations, the rainbow stretching across the entire middle platform is a warm welcome when you step off.


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Nick (age 23) studies environmental social science at Stockholm University. A Dutch native, he moved to Stockholm two years ago. Although once the very worst at finding artsy coffee places and affordable restaurants, he now has an eye for what’s going on in the city. Likes: Hiking in nature and spontaneous meet-ups with friends. Still afraid of the dark Swedish winters.

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