Transportation: How to Renew a Commuter Card

Artwork by DIS Student Illustrator Malini Basu

For DIS Copenhagen students who have chosen the Commuter Card option as part of their Housing-to-DIS transportation plan, you will need to renew your Commuter Card during the semester. DIS recommends you buy your first 30 days upon arrival and renew it right away, so you are set for your first two months. You will then need to set a reminder on your phone to renew your Commuter Card again later in the semester before it expires.

If you have yet to purchase your first Commuter Card, jump to this earlier post for instructions.

1. To renew your Commuter Card, first open the DSB app and find your current (or expired) Commuter Card

2. Tap on the Commuter Card to open it
3. Click ‘Renew’ in the bottom right corner of your screen

4. You will be prompted to choose the number of days. Choose 30 days

5. Make sure you have chosen ‘Pendlerkort, Adult’ and not the ‘DSB’1 Pendlerkort’ (the DSB’1 Pendlerkort is First Class, and is not covered by DIS). Select the option ‘With Metro’ for 80 DKK, so you can utilize all forms of public transportation

6. Proceed to the payment, where you can send the bill directly to DIS by choosing ‘Invoice’. Invoice should be automatically selected, but if it is not, you can select this option under ‘Means of payment’

7. Under the ‘Comment’ field, type ‘Commuter Card.’ Swipe to pay

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