Transportation: How to Purchase a Commuter Card

Artwork by DIS Student Illustrator Malini Basu

For DIS Copenhagen students living outside of the inner city (i.e. not within walking radius from DIS), DIS provides transportation coverage between your housing location and DIS. Here are instructions on how to purchase your card.

Learn more about who is eligible for a Commuter Card on our website: Copenhagen Semester Students / Copenhagen Summer Students

1. To purchase your Commuter Card (known as ‘pendlerkort‘ in Danish), open the DSB app. Select ‘Buy’ from the bottom bar

2. Select ‘Commuter Card & Commute20’

3. The app will ask you to enter a starting and ending location. Enter your housing address in Location 1. For Location 2, enter the station nearest to DIS: Nørreport St.

Important note: The same street names exist in many cities throughout Denmark, so you should always double-check that the postal codes are correct

4. Select the option for ‘Commuter card’ (do not choose ‘Commuter20’).

5. On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose the number of days and the starting date upon which your Commuter Card will be valid. For fall/spring semester students, select 60 days starting from your Arrival Day. NOTE: This will only cover half of the semester so you need to remember to renew your Commuter Card in mid-October (for fall semester students) or mid-March (for spring semester students).

Note: After purchasing, you are responsible for renewing the Commuter Card before it expires. Refer to our guide, How to Renew a Commuter Card, to learn more about how to renew your card for the rest of the semester

6. The app will now calculate the number of zones and the price. Select one of the revealed zone options by clicking on the map. You may be presented with a variety of zone options. In this case, refer to your housing assignment page on Online Registration for an overview of recommended zones you should purchase.

If you live in Langebro, Nimbus, Mønten, Holmbladsgade, Amagerbrogade, Peder Skrams Gade, Sankt Annæ Gade, or Store Kongensgade, you need to purchase zones 1 and 2 (two zones).

Click the button at the bottom to proceed to the next step.

7. Make sure you select ‘Without add-ons’. It is important that you do NOT select either of the DSB’1 options; DSB’1 this means First Class, and is not covered by DIS.

8. Select the option ‘With Metro’ for 120 DKK, so you can utilize all forms of public transportation.

9. Accept terms and conditions and click ‘Go to payment’

10. Once you proceed to the payment, you can send the bill directly to DIS by choosing ‘Invoice’. Invoice should be automatically selected, but if it is not, you can select this option under ‘Means of payment’
14. Under the ‘Comment’ field, you must enter text to indicate the category of spending. Type ‘Commuter Card’ here and swipe to pay

11. You now have your Commuter Card, which can be found on the home screen of the DSB app.

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