Transportation: How to Purchase Single Tickets in the DSB App

Artwork by DIS Student Illustrator Malini Basu

DIS Copenhagen students need to use the DSB app to purchase tickets throughout their semester abroad. Learn more about when and why you would need to purchase a single ride ticket on our website here. If you have not yet downloaded the app, go back one step to the post Transportation: How to Get Started in the DSB App before proceeding with this page.

1. Open the DSB app
2. Select ‘Buy’ from the bottom panel

3. Under ‘Tickets,’ select ‘One-way.’

4. The app will ask, ‘Where are you going?’ Type in the address of your destination.

5. The app will then find journeys to that location from your current location. If you want to start from another location instead, type in the starting address in the ‘From’ field

Important note: The same street names exist in many cities throughout Denmark, so you should always double-check that the postal codes are correct

6. You also have the option to change the Departure or Arrival time. This is helpful if, for example, you need to arrive to a Field Study meeting point at a specific time.

7. After you have filled out the location and Arrival or Departure time (if applicable), the app will show you various routes. You can click on a specific route for more details
8. Select your preferred route by clicking ‘Buy’

9. You will be prompted to choose what type of ticket. Select ‘Zonebillet’ and then click ‘Buy.’ Do NOT select the ‘DSB 1′ RE’ – this this means First Class, and is not covered by DIS.

10. You will then proceed to the payment. Before purchasing your ticket, make sure that you have chosen when your ticket’s validity should begin (i.e. either immediately or not until the specific time you selected for the journey). If you choose now, your ticket will be valid for a specific period of time, depending on how far your destination is. If you are ever in doubt about this, you can always ask transport personnel

11. After double-checking the validity period of your ticket, proceed to paying. Depending on the purpose of this journey, you can either send the bill directly to DIS by choosing ‘Invoice’ or you can choose to use your own Credit Card. If in doubt about whether this trip is covered by DIS, refer to the table below:

Invoice (paid by DIS)Credit Card (use for your
personal travel)
• Commuter Card
• Getting to and from Field Studies
• Getting to and from Study Tours
• Getting to and from external DIS classes
• Getting to and from DIS activities
• Visiting Host program: 4 return visits
• Homestay students: 400 DKK stipend to visit other DIS students in your Homestay Network
• Personal travel (i.e. going to a museum or the airport)
• If you are eligible for extra funds (i.e. Homestay, Visiting Host), then use this option once you have spent your entire stipend

Please note: If you cannot get your credit card into the app for your personal travel, you can always buy a paper ticket at the red kiosks at the station.

12. If the expense is covered by DIS, you must include the purpose of the journey. Failure to do so may result in DIS charging you for the purchase.  In the ‘Comment’ field, write one of the following to indicate the category of the invoice:

  • Commuter Card 
  • Academic 
  • Study Tour 
  • Homestay Network 
  • Visiting Host 
  • DIS Event 

13. Swipe to purchase the ticket
14. You now have a ticket, which can be found on the home screen of the DSB app. You are now ready for your journey

Please note: If you are living in a Homestay and travel through many zones to get to DIS on a Commuter Card, you do not need to buy a separate, single ticket unless you are traveling outsize the zones you’ve paid for. To check what zones you will travel through, refer to our how-to guide: How to Check What Zones You Will Travel Through During a Journey.