Transportation: How to Purchase a One-Zone Extension Ticket in the DSB App

Artwork by DIS Student Illustrator Malini Basu

If you are a DIS Copenhagen student and have a Commuter Card and your journey requires travel through one additional zone not covered by your Commuter Card, you can purchase a one-zone extension ticket in the DSB app. This is a good option if, for example, you have a Commuter Card covering zones 1 and 2, and you need to travel to zone 3. Please note that you must have a valid Commuter Card to utilize this ticket option.

1. To purchase a ticket, open the DSB app. Select ‘Buy’ from the bottom panel.
2. Select ‘Ticket extension’

3. Select the validity time (if you want it to start at a later time) or just continue if the ticket should be immediately valid. Make sure you have selected an adult ticket.

4. You will then proceed to the payment. Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Go to payment’

7. Depending on the purpose of this journey, you can either send the bill directly to DIS by choosing ‘Invoice’ or you can choose to use your own Credit Card. If in doubt about whether this trip is covered by DIS, refer to the ‘Invoice vs. Credit Card’ table on our website here

8. If the expense is covered by DIS, you must include the purpose of the journey. In the ‘Comment’ field, write one of the following to indicate the category of the invoice:

  • Commuter Card 
  • Academic 
  • Study Tour 
  • Homestay Network 
  • Visiting Host 
  • DIS Event 

9. You now have purchased a one-zone extension ticket, which can be found on the home screen of the DSB app and also under the ‘Commuter card’ tab. This ticket allows you to travel within any one given zone, which is not already included on your Commuter Card

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