Scandinavia Summer-ized: Bloggers’ Retrospective

It’s been a week since the Summer Writers packed their bags and headed home from their study abroad in Scandinavia. In their last posts, they reflect on their time with DIS, and how their summer has changed the way they view their studies and the world. Read below to see how the summer has impacted each and every one of them, making it a summer they’ll never forget.

A Polaroid Summer to Remember

Kameo, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

“If I had the chance to restart my summer experience, I would not change a thing. I thank God for this blessing. It has been a privilege to learn in such a bubbling city. I will be telling everyone about my fond impressions of DIS and my time in Stockholm, Sweden… This summer was full of joyous memories and it truly was a Polaroid Summer to Remember”

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Half a Heart in Scandinavia

Priyam, Purdue University

“I feel like a new person… The Priyam who landed in Copenhagen over two months ago had never swam in the Mediterranean or the Adriatic, hadn’t ran through the streets of Stockholm or the trails in Copenhagen, hadn’t learned the marketing secrets of Tivoli, hadn’t explored Croatia with a renowned Travel Writer, hadn’t reflected on happiness in the French Riviera, but most importantly hadn’t met so many wonderful people, some of whom will be my friends forever.”

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5 Summer Spots in Stockholm

Ellie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“In my head, I replay the scenes from this summer: working in a lab at the Karolinska Institute, exploring Budapest with my classmates, and watching the sunset from my apartment’s window. I am waltzing through a scene out of Frozen at Tyresta National Park and marveling the joy of riding a public transportation ferry. Most of all, I am filled with gratitude for the friends, mentors, and teachers I met along the way.

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Making the Most of a Danish Summer

Hailey, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

“My time in Copenhagen is just about coming to a close, I’ve submitted my graphic design project and this final week is all about preparing for the exhibition. Seven weeks is not long to spend in Copenhagen, and it truly went by fast!”

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Did I Fall in Love?

Kyle, Wake Forest University

“There’s something special about this place. There’s something about Stockholm that pulls on my heart strings. It’s the landscape, the architecture, the mix of old and new, the pace, the people, the food, and everything else. I guess it’s everything about this place that drew me in, held me close, and made me sad to say goodbye.”

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And That’s It

Jackson, Trinity University

“I went into this summer hoping to narrow down my options for after I finish college. I can confidently tell you today… that did not happen. Rather than helping me figure out a more concise path, I now have a whole ten-lane highway sitting in front of me. But that’s okay… The world is full of so many options, and my summer abroad really showed me that I don’t necessarily need to choose one right now.”

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Iceland Study Tour and Copenhagen Reflection

Jillian, Harvard University

“I will miss Europe and this opportunity so much. DIS truly allowed me to explore all of my interests and visit so many places I would never have seen otherwise.”

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Public Health Policy in a European Perspective

Feaven, University of Michigan

“Overall, this class has taught me about public health in ways that I haven’t seen it before. I’m so used to the sciences and the advocacy, however I never took the time to look at health from a cost, governmental, and policy point of view, but it was certainly an area that I’m glad I now have some exposure to, and I’m thankful for everything I’ve gained through this session course, and through the others!”

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