Making the Most of a Danish Summer

My time in Copenhagen is just about coming to a close, I’ve submitted my graphic design project and this final week is all about preparing for the exhibition. Seven weeks is not long to spend in Copenhagen, and it truly went by fast! Despite the short amount of time, I’ve been able to do some pretty amazing things in my free time.

Summer in Copenhagen is absolutely beautiful, and I think that Danes really know how to take advantage of the nice weather. The longer and darker winters make for a highly anticipated summer season, and you can expect to see tons of people outside on each nice day. I wanted to share some ways I’ve enjoyed the sunshine in my free time here.

At the harbor, taken on my roommate Zia’s film camera 🙂

Islands Brygge Harbour Bath

There are so many spots in Copenhagen to take a swim, but my favorite is probably the Islands Brygge. The grass will always be packed with people on a sunny day, so if you’re looking for somewhere lively to hang out with friends, this place is a good option. You can stay for a while and enjoy a view of the city skyline, or be like many Danes and stop by for a quick dip in the water on your way home from class or work. If you’re brave, there’s also a five meter tall diving tower, which I liked to watch people jump off of from afar. Maybe someday I’ll come back and take the plunge from that high.

Botanical Garden

Dating back to 1874, the Botanical Garden in central Copenhagen is a truly special place. It’s a free public green space, and the largest collection of living plants in Denmark! The reason to come here in the summer specifically is the butterfly house, which is only open during the season. You might make a new, winged friend, and there are so many beautiful photo opportunities throughout the garden.


I had heard that Tivoli was the second oldest amusement park, and the original inspiration for the design of Disneyland, so I knew it was something I needed to see before the end of the summer. It was such a magical place to walk around, and despite its modernity, had such an old-timey charm compared to other amusement parks I’ve been to. I’m a huge fan of rollercoasters, and the rides at Tivoli did not disappoint, especially The Demon (big red one, super fast and loop de loops). Neither did the food in their food hall, which had a huge selection of so many different types of cuisine. It was hard to decide, but I got vegan sushi from Letz Sushi. I felt like a kid again at Tivoli, walking across the water with a giant cotton candy. There’s really nothing like it on a summer day.

Reffen Street Food

The Refshaleøen area of Copenhagen has such a unique, industrial vibe and is definitely worth a visit during the summer. Reffen is the largest street food venue in the Nordics, so you might need to make multiple trips if you’re looking to sample the different options (there really are so many options). Pictured above is my tempeh teriyaki bowl from the stall Ibiza Bowls, and I’d highly recommend if you are interested in plant-based food. They truly have something for everyone at Reffen, so plan to come hungry!

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

If you read my first post, you might remember that this was one of the first things I did with my class. Museums in Denmark, especially Louisiana, are not just meant to be enjoyed on a rainy day! This contemporary art museum was the perfect combination of indoor spaces and beautiful outdoors. Sitting on the water 35 km north of Copenhagen, it’s a relatively short train ride away to get to explore a different part of the country. The sculpture garden and nearby beach are definitely worth checking out on a sunny day. Even after all this time, the grounds of Louisiana might take the cake on my favorite place to lay in the grass.

Go Boat

There are several places you can rent a boat like this to enjoy the canal, but Go Boat happens to be located conveniently at the Islands Brygge. You can take up to 8 people on a boat and must reserve it ahead of time. It was definitely worth booking the two and a half hour tour in order to get a chance to really explore the harbor. Each boat has a big table, so it’s the perfect opportunity to pack your bag of bread, cheese, and charcuterie for a perfect dining experience on the water.


If you’re looking for somewhere to run, jog, or just take a walk and reflect on your summer in Denmark, Churchillparken is a great place to go. Walk up the hill to the long star-shaped path that boasts beautiful views of the water and many different landmarks around Copenhagen. It’s also very close to the Little Mermaid, so if you plan to visit her, I’d recommend taking a stop at this park along the way. I took some of my best photos from this whole trip at Churchillparken, and the only reason I ended up there was because I had taken a wrong turn on my bike. Sometimes it works out to turn off Google Maps in Copenhagen, you might just end up somewhere beautiful!

I am so lucky to have gotten to experience Denmark during this time of year, and I’m already starting to miss it, though I haven’t left yet. In between wrapping things up for the exhibition, I’ll definitely be revisiting some of these summer activities throughout the last week.

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