A Polaroid Summer to Remember

Tills nästa gång!

Translation: Until next time!

“Remember to take pictures,” my mom told me before I left Philadelphia in May of 2022. “They are the best ways to savor memories.” She was not wrong.

Of all the blissful moments from this journey, my polaroid photos were better than any souvenir I bought in Gamla Stan.

First Day in Student Housing

With my suitcases in hand, I took the elevator to the top floor of my new summer home. I followed the narrow passage way to my door, fumbling to open it with my keys. This is all mine? I thought, as I walked into the apartment. I later learned from my mates that I was one of the lucky ones to get a single room. I could not contain my excitement, these were my first pictures in Stockholm.

Welcome Day

The cool breeze of Stockholm air adorned my arms, unprotected in my short sleeve pastel green top. It was chilly on the water but I did not mind. We were told to meet in Östermalmstorg, a simple stop off of the red line, for a touring excursion. On the water, watching the historical buildings go by I was surrounded by the overwhelming thought I’m on a boat in Stockholm! So, I went to the back of the boat and captured these moments on film.

Solace in Watercolor Painting

In “Stockholm Seen Through Watercolor,” I unpacked my feelings of being homesick and how I remedied that emotion through painting. As an introvert, my first few weeks in Stockholm were daunting. It was challenging to gain the courage to make new friends and I missed my friends and family back home. I found solace in my watercolor paintings; whenever I felt down I made a new one depicting travel and emotions through vivid color and fluid borders. During my time in Stockholm, I made over 24 watercolor paintings.

Seeing Tyler the Creator at Rosendal Garden Party

Imagine seeing your favorite artist perform while you’re studying abroad. Words could not describe how I felt that day. In “Kameo’s Guide to Stockholm,” I attached a recap video of the greatest moment of my life. My reflection in post: I met new friends, danced, and had the time of my life! Regardless of culture, language, and age, seeing people come together and sing his songs was a heartwarming experience.

Last Day of Storytelling through Photography

In “What’s so Special About the Photographer’s Eye?” I reflected on my class, Storytelling through Photography, taught by the renowned photographer Lærke Posselt. She helped me rekindle my love for photography and outlined new ways to capture photos. I am forever grateful for her teachings.

Medborgarplatsen (Citizen Square)

The Metro was an interesting way to explore the city. My favorite stop was Medborgarplatsen, a stop next Slussen on the green line. There I discovered my love for Turkish food at Amida Kolgrill and vintage fashion at POP Stockholm. The island of Södermalm had so many sweet moments to offer me on my journey.

Travel Writing Study Tour in Croatia

If my feet could talk, they would scream. Dubrovnik taught me that I needed to buy better walking shoes. In “Travel Writing in Croatia” I highlighted what I learned in my Travel Writing class and my journey through the islands of Dalmatia. It was important to take photos. It was the only way I could take these memories with me. This trip is what turned classmates into close friends. Since this trip, I crossed Croatia off of my must-see travel bucket list.

Last Day of Travel Writing

Sadness was inevitable. These last three weeks, I built connections with my travel writing cohort. On our last day of class my teacher, best-selling author, Lola Akinmade Åkerström surprised us with a buffet of Persian cuisine at Shahrzad in the heart of Stockholm. Food has a special way of bringing people together, even to say goodbye. I learned so much from Lola, and I even got her to sign my copy of her book “In Every Mirror She’s Black.”

“Everything is better in the summer!” -Bktherula, 2020

My journey in Stockholm was so much fun. At times, I forgot I was here for school. My teachers and classmates made it worthwhile and blessed me with memories I will never forget. Summer by Bktherula is a perfect song to illustrate my study abroad adventure. Full of upbeat melodies and cadences combined with emotional lyrics depict my feelings from start to finish.

If I had the chance to restart my summer experience, I would not change a thing. I thank God for this blessing. It has been a privilege to learn in such a bubbling city. I will be telling everyone about my fond impressions of DIS and my time in Stockholm, Sweden.

Great thanks to DIS for the opportunity to join this wonderful community and my mom for reminding me to take pictures. This summer was full of joyous memories and it truly was a Polaroid Summer to Remember!

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