First Session Recap

Hi everyone, I’m back to update you on my second week with DIS! Its been a hectic past couple of weeks but I have gotten to see a lot and I feel like I really got to know København these past few weeks! The city, the culture, and the people have become the new normal.

Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach

I’m currently taking the Human Health and Disease course where we learn about the different systems of the human body and how to identify and treat different diseases that can affect them. We covered several of the body’s systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, immune, and muscle-skeletal systems. In addition to this, we have also learned and practiced several practical skills, like Advanced Life Support, Starting IVs, and Suturing. I even had an IV started on me! The professors have made sure to tailor the course so that the material is all engaging and interesting throughout.

My favorite section of the course was probably our simulation trials, where we took on roles of different medical professionals and ran through a simulation case much like you would do in medical school. The mix of theory and practical skills has kept me interested in the course and I feel like I have learned a lot about the Danish healthcare system through our class trips to several of the hospitals around Copenhagen. In these hospitals, we learned from human cadavers, simulated ALS and patient cases, and learned medical skills from physicians.

I thought that having a semester worth of learning within 3 weeks would be overwhelming but the professors have made the course very digestible and clearly put effort into their lesson planning. The small class has also helped all the students get close with each other and has helped us study together.

When we were studying for the exams, groups of us went to Studenterhuset and studied together, and quizzing each other helped me understand the material much better! Our professors also were very good at explaining and breaking down the information into digestible pieces, and they would never assume that we knew something, constantly checking up on our understanding in the course. I felt that this hands-on learning made me feel very comfortable asking questions and that I learned a lot more as a result of this.

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