Copenhagen in a Nutshell

Now that the first session is over and I have spent 3 weeks in Copenhagen, I wanted to give my impressions of the city and the many recommendations I have for all potential DIS students.

Copenhagen Impressions

When I first saw Copenhagen I was immediately entranced by its bright colors and unique aesthetic. Living here has only improved my first impressions of the city and given me a new appreciation for it! Firstly, the city is very well designed, with livability always in mind. Biking, walking, and public transportation make up more than half of all commuting in Copenhagen and the city clearly prioritizes each of these, making each form of transportation accessible and efficient. The biking culture here is something of a wonder itself. It can be overwhelming at first, especially when everyone passes you all the time, but it is incredibly fun to tour the city on bike and you get to see so much (not the mention the first time you pass someone on a bike feels great). The best part is, you feel safe most places where you go in Copenhagen (did you know Copenhagen was ranked as the world’s safest city and #2 happiest city?). The way the city is designed with open, broad roads, and sidewalks that are well-lit, as well as the beautiful, bright-colored architecture surrounded by greenery really captures that feeling of safety. You will also be hard-pressed to find major cities in the U.S. that feel as integrated with nature as Copenhagen. There are flowers EVERYWHERE and it is beautiful. Every street and canal is picturesque and feel like they hold history. The city truly captures your imagination and never lets it go!


I found my own way through the city, and I think there is no “one” right way, but if you’re looking for nature, unique experiences, and good food, Copenhagen is the place to be!

  • If you choose the bike option spending an afternoon getting lost in the city really can be the fastest way to get to know it and lead to finding some beautiful hidden gems.
  • Speaking of biking, the 6 forgotten Giant Statues around Copenhagen are an amazing adventure and give you a picturesque experience through the Copenhagen countryside. They are all hidden well in forests or parks so you have to keep a sharp eye as you look for these gentle giants!
  • Tivoli is an obvious and common recommendation but it seriously is a unique and magical experience (Tivoli was literally the inspiration for Disneyworld and was the 2nd ever amusement park!). The rides there are seriously fun! P.S. the food is pretty great too! Try the chocolate covered churros if your in for a snack.
  • Try Afternoon tea with some friends! Peter Beier is my recommendation, lots of food (sandwiches, chocolate, cake, cheese, etc.) and great tea with a beautiful presentation. Something you’re not going to find in the U.S.!
  • Go to the street food market! Absolutely amazing food at all the stands, or you can just swing by for a snack. You can not go wrong and some of the best bang for your buck in the whole city here!
  • If you’re in the mood for an excursion, Mons Klint is a bus ride away and absolutely stunning. Just be prepared for lots of walking and bring a fully charged camera, you’ll need it!
  • Freetown Christiania is a must! Great place for a late night walk and amazing atmosphere! The people here are some of the nicest you will meet in the city.

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