First Impressions of Scandinavia in the Summer

The first impressions of Copenhagen and Stockholm are in! The Summer Writers have been busy putting their first weeks in Scandinavia into words, and it is clear that the excitement of studying abroad radiates through their writing. Check out some of the highlights from the first week below!

Like Riding a Bike: Adjusting to Life in Scandinavia

Ellie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The people of København have been accommodating and kind, even when I am both confused and confusing. My local flatmates have told me about their favorite parts of the city and even showed me how to use the four bag trash system. In a cheesy way, adjusting to life here has felt a lot like riding a bike: wobbly but intuitive.”

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Why Become a Foreigner?

Priyam, Purdue University

“I love to go for walks and runs around the city and take in all of the beauty! Even though biking in a new city seemed very intimidating at first, I have since become more comfortable with it and even enjoyed it! Every new turn seems to introduce me to a whole new world with its own unique architecture.”

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To the Summer that Lies Ahead!

Feaven, University of Michigan

“Never did I think that I would fall in love with a place so quickly! Stockholm has been everything I’ve been looking for and more… I have felt like I’ve lived here for 10 years already, and it’s already starting to feel like home–thanks to the beautiful sights, the wonderful people, and the support I’ve received through DIS.”

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Who is Kameo Chambers?

Kameo, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

“Every day in Stockholm grants amazing new experiences. Last Friday, I visited the Fotografiska museum with my class. The New Black Vanguard, Andy Warhol’s Photo Factory, and Elizaveta Porodina’s the window were my favorite exhibitions. It was awe-inspiring to see black faces appreciated and celebrated in these spaces.”

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First Impressions of Copenhagen

Kat, Denison University

“A good amount of my motivation to come to Scandinavia has been because of the subregion’s very vibrant and rich film histories. I’m excited to start exploring Denmark and Sweden’s national film industries while in their capital cities and will certainly update later on in the summer about my research!”

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Living Like a Sponge in Sweden

Kyle, Wake Forest University

“I chose DIS because of the classes and opportunities it offers. I am enrolled in a Biomedical Lab that is based at the Karolinska Institutet–one of the best medical institutions in the world. The training I will get here and the knowledge I will take away will aid me very much in my future.”

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First Week in a Foreign Country

Jillian, Harvard University

“I have always wondered what it would be like to commute via bike in Copenhagen, and now I get to live it! DIS offers a wide range of courses I wouldn’t be able to take at Harvard and integrates experiential learning through Field Studies and Study Tours throughout Europe, which is something I really value.”

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