Who is Kameo Chambers?

Photo of Kameo Chambers by Olivia Robson

Välkommen till mitt första blogginlägg!

English Translation: Welcome to my first blog post!


My name is Kameo Chambers. I am a visual artist, writer, curator, and podcaster whose work engages multiple mediums— creative writing, design, new media, mixed media drawings and paintings, photography, and sculpture— in ongoing interdisciplinary investigations that intersect race, culture, gender, sexuality, religion, and social commentary. 

I am the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, a first generation college student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and senior at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford (UPB). My focus is in interdisciplinary arts, a double major of graphic design and writing. I would describe myself as a creative multi-hyphenate— someone using their multiple interconnected creative skills as a profession.

Art as a career is a brave choice for me. As the youngest child of older Caribbean parents, art was seen as a hobby rather than a vocation. They stressed the importance of stability— to them— that only came with the professions: accountant, doctor, nurse, or teacher. I am the first in my family to choose a different route. It is up to me to dispel the stereotypical “starving artist” trope. My journey— as a creative multi-hyphenate— has been a tough one of having to continuously prove myself as steadfast and dedicated to my dreams. Although it is a brave choice, art is the path for me and I have proven this to my family.

Photo of Kameo Chambers by Stephanie Eaton

I am the first chief editor and designer for the acclaimed literary magazine Baily’s Beads. I’ve produced two award winning online publications and a 3D art exhibition. My work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Bradford, San Marcos, and group exhibitions in Philadelphia, the Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), and the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. I am a published writer, photographer, and watercolorist. I’ve received many awards, scholarships, and I’m a continual dean’s list recipient. Recently, I was awarded the Vira I. Heinz Scholarship (2022) granting me the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad.

Why Stockholm?

I am a wanderlust person. Travel is ingrained in my DNA. My father has been to 4 World Cup tournaments around the globe. His wanderlust gene is prominent in me. I have always wanted to travel, experience new cultures, and network with people around the world. Scandinavia was first on my list of voyages.

Not long ago, I tested my genealogy and found out that I have ties to the Nordic region. Additionally to choosing Stockholm for its illustrious history and vivid views, I came to find myself— and celebrate Midsummer!

Equinox, 2022 (watercolor on paper, 9 x 12 in) by Kameo Chambers

Why DIS?

DIS Abroad was suggested to me by my global advisor at UPB. After researching their very informative site, it was obvious where I should study abroad. DIS offers exciting, hands-on courses where students learn outside of the classroom. I have the opportunity to mix and match summer sessions 1 and 2 to maximize my education taught by renowned professionals who are full-time artists. I am a part of DIS Summer Writers which is an impressive addition to my resume as a creative multi-hyphenate. This experience is a privilege that I am beyond grateful for.

First Impressions

Every day in Stockholm grants amazing new experiences. Last Friday, I visited the Fotografiska museum with my class. The New Black Vanguard, Andy Warhol’s Photo Factory, and Elizaveta Porodina’s the window were my favorite exhibitions. It was awe-inspiring to see black faces appreciated and celebrated in these spaces. Below is a gallery of my favorite pieces:

Conclusion: Abstract Poem

Twiddling my thumbs

awaiting ascension

of a never-ending journey.

Searching every corner

leaving distinct marks

tracking my movements.

Daily deliberate actions

facilitate change in

obscured fashions.

I believe in destiny

maybe this is it

an experience of a lifetime.

Inquisition of genealogical roots

discovering who I am

unlocking the truth.

Signing off,

Kameo Chambers

Photo taken on Lumix FZ300

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