Fika and Midnight Sun!

Hello again! I took the 400-mile journey from Copenhagen, Denmark over to Stockholm, Sweden! I am here for Session 2 where I am taking the Gender, Equality, and Sexuality course.

So far I am loving Sweden! It’s funny to think that I thought the days were long back in Copenhagen because in Stockholm its light out almost 24 hours which is amazing.

View from my room!

With my new class I will be traveling to Berlin, Germany for a few days. There we will see and compare Sweden to how progressive or not progressive Berlin is with issues that concern the LGBTQ community.

I have taken classes like this one back at my home university and so I know quite a bit about the field, but what I am looking to take away is how similar topics or issues play out in Sweden. It will be interesting to see and think about how Sweden’s solutions to their issues could possibly work in the US.

With my time in Stockholm, there are many museums and places I would love to visit. With the few days I had before my Study Tour, I was able to orient myself with the cities public transportation and even make it over to the ABBA museum, which I would recommend to everyone!

Fika at my favorite cafe, Stockholm Raw.

Now that I have many ABBA songs stuck in my head and have already had multiple fika’s, which is getting coffee and pastries with friends, I am ready to take on Stockholm.

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