Reflections, and The Road Ahead

Path in the King’s Garden

As we reach the end of Session 1, it certainly feels like the past three weeks have flown by. Each day has been filled with so much adventure and I have quite a lot to look back on. From having picnics by the lakes, to going on long walks in Nørrebro, and taking the trains to see places like Roskilde or Louisiana, there has hardly been a dull moment. And though it has felt fast, since I have seen and done so much the memories of my first days at the course feel like they are from ages ago.

Scenery from a boat ride

One common theme I’ve taken away from all of this Scandinavian adventuring is that it is very possible to be free-spirited and adventurous while also being very down to earth. There was so much I wanted to see and do in addition to all of the coursework and studying that came along with my class. I think if I were back home in Colorado, I might have been a bit overwhelmed by all of that. But here in Denmark, I’ve been surrounded by a culture that is both elegant and extremely humble. And having that mindset has allowed me to be calm in planning out and doing everything that I wanted to.

My classmates and I with a banner we made

In the weeks to come, I am looking forward to traveling back home to be with my family and to share my stories with them. I will also be teaching a one week drawing course for highschoolers, and hopefully I’ll be able to give them at least a little bit of the Danish spirit along with that teaching. Following that, I am very excited to be returning to Denmark to embark on a self-guided research trip exploring Danish arts and culture. My university has given me a grant which will allow me to continue to investigate the topics covered in my DIS class, and to present them to an academic audience back home. So for now I say farewell to Denmark, though it won’t be long until I’m back and ready to resume my adventures.

View from the round tower by DIS classrooms

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