Thank you, next!

Looking back on my last few weeks it’s wild to see how fast it’s gone. Within this time I’ve made some great friends, learned some great new photography skills and have gotten comfortable living in Copenhagen.

Went to the Kings Garden for class

Over the weeks I’ve been able to immerse myself within the city, and while the first few days were a little rocky learning how to get to class and how to blend in with locals, I was able to accomplish that with ease.

I also have found my favorite cafes and food places. Some of my top cafes have been Roast Coffee and the Living Room. But, I’m excited to find some new places in Stockholm.

Quick snack at the Living Room

While some of the friends I have made so far will be coming with me to Stockholm, sadly there are a few that will be going back to the US or staying in Copenhagen. I’ve made some great memories with them, such as jumping into the harbor on a hot day!

I’m excited to take the new techniques I’ve learned in my photography class and apply them while walking around Stockholm. This class has helped me to refine how I see things and how to take interesting photos.

Photo for class at the Kings Gardens

I’m sad to be leaving Copenhagen but I am excited to experience Stockholm. There I will be taking Gender, Equality, and Sexuality in Scandinavia.

With this class, I will be traveling to Berlin for five days on our study tour and I am eager to see what is in store with that trip and the overall class. Plus, a bonus is some of my friends staying in Copenhagen will be in Berlin the same days on their study tours so it’ll be fun to catch up and see how their new session is going!

The next three weeks will have more exciting experiences, friends, and learning in store. I can’t wait to find my new favorite cafes, get lost and find some great new places, and learn to navigate another city!

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