Changing Perspectives

The world through a viewfinder can bring one into a different world, one that makes you see old and new places from an exciting new angle. With two of three weeks completed of class time, I have learned to view my world differently. Instead of just taking a photo, I have learned to think about how to craft a photo, considering light, angles, texture and more.  

A typical routine in my class, Storytelling through photography, is discussing the days topic such as types of photography. We then look at a range of various examples of good photos and discuss what these photos do well. After that, we focus on a technique of photography such as light or shutter speed and then we go out into the city to practice. I love that I get to really use Copenhagen as my classroom as I get to try out new photo techniques.

There are also some days where we go on Field Studies. My class has gone to the Black Diamond building to see the Press Photo of the Year exhibit. This exhibit shows all the Danish photos of the year and it was super interesting to look around at some amazing photography along with some Danish culture. The first place winner of the photo of the year is a little controversial in that it is a photo from a reality tv award show. Most of the main winning photos are of somber events, and not a party like this one. I, however, found it super interesting and a fun take on what an important photo can be. And if you look long enough you can always find something new hidden in the picture!

My class has also visited another exhibit that is being shown at the community center, Dgi Byen, that is being shown until this upcoming Wednesday. The exhibit is photos of every member of the Denmark parliament with their eyes closed in black and white. It is a new take on a typical politician photo and shows these leaders in a new, almost vulnerable light. This exhibit is only open until this Wednesday because that is when the Denmark parliament elections are taking place.

Copenhagen Central Train Station

Overall, I have had a great class experience so far and am enjoying the nonconventional, sit and take notes, way of learning! I am looking forward to learning more about how to improve my photography in my last week!

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