Any Art Hounds Out Here? A Guide to Copenhagen’s Best.

There’s nothing more inspiring to me than modern art, which is one of the reasons I am so excited to be in Scandinavia. It’s a hotbed of modern and postmodern art, of all kinds – classical, decorative, fashion, you name it.

Although I’ve only been here a few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some fabulous exhibitions and museums. Here are my favorites, in no particular order!

The Danish Museum of Art and Design (Designmuseum)

Within downtown Copenhagen, this museum specializes in applied arts from the past century. This includes LOTS of “mid-century” furniture that you hear so much about on any HGTV show these days. The picture below shows a funky couch and furniture set in the seating section of the museum.

Other highlights of the museum include an initial room that has brief profiles of important Danish artists, architects, and engineers who have designed items that appear in the museum.


While Freetown Christiania happens to be drenched in vibrant graffiti, sculptures, and other street art. It’s worth the trip just to explore these non commissioned works. Bonus: it’s free!

Freetown skate park art!

 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (

While this museum is about a 40 minute train ride out of the city from Copenhagen Central station, it’s a revolutionary experience for any art lover!

My favorite exhibitions centered around light and other multimedia installations, which I can sort of be seen in below. Also, the outside space is lovely and features rather unique sculptures, to include string lights made from tighty-whities. Yalp!

Purchase a metro zone extender or large city pass and head out now.

Cisternerne (Cisterns in Søndermarken)

This last one is simply otherworldly, at least the current installation by Superflex is. Set deep in the retired water reservoir/drip cave, the work exists as a commentary on climate change and the end of humanity.

Upon entering the reservoir, you’re provided with rubber boots because it’s flooded with rainwater. It’s pretty much pitch black, save a few fluorescent lights. It’s only 50 krone for students and it’s as much of a treat as the apocalypse could ever be. Below is a rather ghastly photo I took when I was there!

That’s it for me! Comment your fave art in Copenhagen – I’m always interested!

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