Outside City Limits

Everyone needs a break from their city sometimes, and that is exactly what I did this past weekend. I went out with a group of friends to the Forgotten Giants and to Malmö, Sweden.

The Forgotten Giants are wooden statues, created by Thomas Dambo, with the hope that it would bring people out of the cities and into areas that are not normally visited. Many of these giants are located in the suburbs about 20 minutes outside the city.

I and a group of friends decided to look for the giant’s named Little Tilde and Thomas on the Mountain as they were close together. Our day started off with taking the train out to Albertslund, Denmark. Once we arrived we Google mapped one of the two giants and took off on a twenty-minute walk through the town towards their location.

The giants are hidden in a cute park with lots of walking paths and a large lake. We walked in the general direction of where Little Tilde was located. We found a small path that led us into a forest and where Little Tilde was located. It was super cool seeing the giant up close.

Little Tilde

After that, we walked another half hour to get to the other giant located in the same park. We got lost a few times but it was all apart of the adventure. We found Thomas on the Mountain, he was my favorite of the two, I liked that he was just chilling on the mountain.  

Thomas on the Mountain

We then walked down the hill Thomas looks out to and found a little park where we hung out and relaxed, enjoying the nature around us before heading back to the train station and the city.

The next day, with the same group, I headed towards Malmö, Sweden which is just across the strait from Denmark. It was an forty-minute train ride over. Once there we headed towards the Malmö Castle.

Malmö castle

We walked around the castle’s garden and then visited the museum within the castle. The museum was interesting and emphasized Sweden’s natural environment. After that, we spent that afternoon walking around town and enjoying the beautiful day, as this has been one of the more sunny, warm days we’ve had since arriving in Copenhagen.

Overall, it was a successful weekend spent in new areas in and around Denmark. I would highly recommend both of these places to anyone visiting the city, as it gives a new perspective on the culture that surrounds the city.

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