What’s On Wednesday: Uncovering Drug Development Research

On Wednesday, the Biomedicine program core course, Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development, split up into groups of six, with a goal of deepening their understanding of drug development. With their final project in mind, each group visited a drug development company to learn more about their research, including Galecto, Staten Serum Institut, and LiPlasome.

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One group spent the day at the Centre for Medical Parasitology, a research collaboration between University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet. There, research focuses on malaria. While the Centre covers many facets of malaria research, DIS students focused on the lab’s latest development: a vaccine that will fight against pregnancy related malaria. It is the first drug of its kind in the world.

Spring 2015_Field Study for Biomedicine_Center for Medical Parasitology _L Gieger_edited
Photo by Lindsey Gieger, Gettysburg College

After suiting up in white coats, Professor Ali Salanti led the group around the facilities, where students got to see scientists in action and walk through a ‘cold room,’ where drugs are stored. Lindsey Gieger, Gettysburg College, expressed her enthusiasm for touring the lab, “A lot of people in our class want to go into research, so being exposed to such a professional research environment is an enriching experience.”

Spring 2015_Field Study for Biomedicine2_Center for Medical Parasitology _L Gieger.JPG
Photo by Lindsey Gieger, Gettysburg College

Following the tour, there was time to interview the Professor for the group’s final project, which includes a report on the Centre, as well as the development and structure of the drug.

Spring 2015_Field Study for Biomedicine3_Center for Medical Parasitology _L Gieger.JPG
Photo by Lindsey Gieger, Gettysburg College

Although the afternoon was well-spent asking questions and connecting the dots, students in the group will be in contact with Professor Ali Salanti throughout the semester to ensure that their report covers everything involved in their development process.

Good luck to the class on final projects – we are excited to hear about the end results at the conclusion of the semester!

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