Top Ten Ways to Productively Procrastinate Before Finals

DIS Student Bloggers are back with more suggestions of how to spend your time in Copenhagen – and especially, when you’re just about ready for a study break! In this post, you will hear from Abi, Andrea, Jenna, Natayla, and Meghan – find all of their blogs here on if you want to hear more about their urban exploration.

As our semester at DIS begins to wrap up, it can be hard to justify spending time roaming around Copenhagen rather than studying for the finals that loom in the not-so-distant future. But it is also important for us to make the most of our time abroad, and to appreciate all Denmark has to offer in the springtime. Who says study breaks have to be unproductive, though? Here are ten ways to reconcile the semester that is winding down and the weather that is finally warming up:

1. Venture to Amager Strandpark

Why endure the hassle of flying to the Mediterranean when the white sand beaches of Amager Strandpark are only a 10-minute Metro ride away from the center of the city? The 1.9-mile sandbar was built in 2005, so although it isn’t a natural piece of shoreline, this park is the perfect place to escape homework for an afternoon. With such an easy commute, you won’t feel guilty about relaxing on this Nordic isle. Just grab a blanket, a picnic lunch, and hop off at Øresund Station on the island of Amager to soak up some Vitamin D before finals.


2. Take a trip to Superkilen

You officially have an excuse to act like a kid again at Superkilen Park. Described locally as a “playground for adults,” the park was actually constructed as part of an urban renewal plan to upgrade the Nørrebro neighborhood. The three distinct sections of the park are distinguished by color: a red market, a black square, and a green park. Objects from around the world populate this park as a celebration of diversity, much like Nørrebro itself is one of the most diverse neighborhoods of Copenhagen. After briefly reverting to your childhood self while playing on the swings, you will be rejuvenated and ready to tackle those final projects head on.

SP14 Alyssa Engle Superkilen Norrebro (6)
Photo by DIS Student Photographer, Aly Engle, Howard University

3. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Why study inside when you can study while surrounded by Danish and other Asian and European plants? Or take a break from studying and enjoy lunch in the Gardens with the Danes. Take a stroll around the gardens and the greenhouses and take in the beauty of nature. Jenna adventured to the park one day when her class was cancelled – read about her day here! 

FA13_Misako Ono, botanical gardens (1)
Photo by DIS Student Photographer, Misako Ono, Tufts University

4. Danish Design Museum

If you have ever lost track of time while admiring ergonomic footstools in IKEA, this is the study break for you. The Danish Design Museum is a physical timeline of furniture design in Denmark, and exhibits work from some of the world’s most renowned designers, such as Arne Jacobson. Roaming the galleries may even give you the boost of creative energy you need to complete your final projects. If not, the illustrious museum gift shop and café are bound to have souvenirs for both hand and stomach.

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5. Lær at tale dansk

Whether you’re traveling around in foreign countries, or want to impress the Danes, it’s always helpful to know a little bit of the language. At, you can learn up to nine languages including Danish, Swedish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Irish, and Portuguese. The best part: it’s totally free. You can even compete with your friends as you learn.

6. Find Copenhagen’s sidewalk trampolines

Just a brief walk from DIS, you can find one of the city’s hidden gems: the sidewalk trampolines. If you’re studying at the Black Diamond Library, get some fresh air and take a walk along the canal towards Kongens Nytorv  Soon enough, you will stumble upon Copenhagen’s best stress reliever!

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7. Send yourself a postcard

You will miss Copenhagen when it’s time to go home. Send a postcard to yourself so you’ll have a little piece of Copenhagen waiting for you! Set your souvenir apart from those found at the cliché souvenir shops by picking up a few hand-designed postcards from the artists of Christiania.

8. Write something on the #Happy Wall

Located near Nyhavn, this large interactive art piece allows the opportunity to create your own art in the middle of Copenhagen. Write something meaningful to you.

Eli Kaufman, Goucher College, SP14, DIS in CPH

9. Copenhagen Street Food / Papirøen

Everyone needs a lunch break to refuel for the next round of studying. You can find just about any type of street food you can imagine at Copenhagen Street Food, located at a huge warehouse filled with food trucks, offering food from all over the world. Relax and enjoy the industrial, yet welcoming atmosphere while sampling different types of cuisine to keep you going!

Pictured here is fellow DIS Student Blogger, Helen Li!
Pictured here at quirky Papirøen is fellow DIS Student Blogger, Helen Li! Photo by DIS Student Photographer Yvette Chen, Oberlin College

10. Clear Your Mind at Cisternerne (the Cisterns)

Visit the old underground cisterns that formerly supplied Copenhagen’s drinking water. These drained underground caverns, located underneath Søndermarken Park, now house art exhibitions. The exhibit makes use of the dark, cool, wet space by integrating rain fountains with ethereal music echoing through the caverns. It’s a great place to go if you need to give your mind a break from your to-do list.

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