Weekend Reading: Mid-Semester Stories from Student Bloggers

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We are halfway through the spring semester, and time is flying! What are students in Copenhagen and Stockholm currently experiencing? Take a look at a few favorite reads from the Student Bloggers — we think you may enjoy these, too.

1. Lizzy describes her Week-Long Study Tour with the Sustainability Program as being in “one of the most enchanting, magical, and beautiful places [she] has ever seen in her life”: Read Lizzy’s post, Long Study Tour: Rjukan and Hardangervidda National Park


2. Jane’s Danish Language and Culture elective course visited Virum Gymnasium, a Danish high school, for a field study. Hear about the cultural stereotypes that Jane and the high school students broke down while there: Read Jane’s post, Back to School.


3. What happens when you pursue your passion abroad? Natachi shares her first time at a hip-hop workshop hosted by GAME – and the nerves and excitement of joining a new community: Read Natachi’s post, Ain’t a GAME: Hip Home as Home

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4. Doug traveled with the Terrorism & Security Program to Berlin, where the group explored the unique life, culture, and political environment of Europe’s most significant power: Read Doug’s post, Long Study Tour: Berlin

SP18 Terrorism & Security_Long Study Tour_Berlin_Doug Wilson (2).JPG

5. Maya’s Neuroscience Program Study Tour took her to Germany. One of the highlights? Getting a brain scan with a real MRI: Read Maya’s post, Long Study Tour: Heidelberg and Frankfurt

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