VIDEO: Ice to Meet You, Greenland!

Students studying Greenlandic climate change had the rare opportunity to explore the secrets of the ice and rock formations that they met. Some planned, others by chance.

Ice Cores and Ice Ages_Greenland

Our study tours are quite remote and there’s not a lot of extra distractions in them and so we become a very close class. It’s a great opportunity to get to know us as your professors and your fellow classmates.

One of three courses within the Environmental Science of the Arctic Program, Ice Cores and Ice Ages: Greenlandic Climate Change Case Study, focuses on the natural science aspects of climate change during the prehistoric times. The course centers around the 100,000 year old Greenlandic ice sheet, a fascinating and ideal case study.

The course is co-taught by DIS Faculty Sune Olander Rasmussen, Ph.D., and Trevor Popp, Ph.D., who work at the Center for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Susanne Lilja Buchardt, Ph.D., also co-teaches this course and works with ice core analysis and ice flow models, and has participated in ice core drillings in Greenland and Antarctica.

Follow Trevor along on his study tour to Greenland and hear about the unique experience of witnessing the effects of climate change, past and present.

Hear Sune and Trevor talk about Ice Cores and Ice Ages

Bonus info: The Environmental Science of the Arctic faculty are passionate about researching ice and climate change. Some even spend their summers drilling and analyzing ice core samples taken from the ice sheet. They use these samples to create models that help us understand how climate change history is relevant to predicting what is happening today.

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