Urban Design in Copenhagen: Ee Jay’s Summer Abroad

Experience a memorable summer in Copenhagen through the eyes of an Architecture & Design student.

Scandinavia is a leader in creating urban spaces that balance sustainable living, beauty, and functionality.

Ee Jay, University of British Columbia, spent a summer at DIS Copenhagen studying in the Urban Design Studio Course. He went to Sweden and Finland on Study Tour, explored Copenhagen, and looked for the meaning behind world-renowned architectural structures. 

Read Ee Jay’s reflections to get an inside perspective on Architecture & Design at DIS Copenhagen

Learning about Urban Spaces from Malmö:

During one Field Study, Ee Jay and his classmates visited the Swedish town, Malmö. Malmö is just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen and is famous for its residential area, ‘BoO1’. Every house in Bo01 is designed by different architects, each just as unique as the next.

“When I was sketching, I observed that the buildings along the road are not linear. Walking along a wavy pathway motivates one’s curiosity because the buildings along the wavy pathway create a blind spot by blocking one’s frontal view.”

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Engagement Methods:

For one project with his Urban Design Studio Course, Ee Jay and his classmates constructed a bench to learn how people interact in the city.

“Human activity and resting spaces are important features to enhance the use of public spaces. I learned that collaboration for this assignment was essential.”

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An expedition to Sweden and Finland:

For their Study Tour, the Urban Design Studio went to explore the architecture and design in two neighboring countries: Sweden and Finland. 

“Scandinavian buildings respect the surrounding nature of the settings.”

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Just two weeks before their final presentation, Ee Jay and his classmates went on a final Field Study. They visited Nordhavnen, a sustainable neighborhood near Svanemølle Bay in Copenhagen.

“The uniqueness of this town is that one can reach shops, work places, public transport, and cultural facilities within 5 minutes’ walk from any point in the district as a way to promote efficiency and livability.”

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