Get to know the Spring 2020 Student Bloggers

The Spring 2020 Student Bloggers are already reflecting on their time abroad as they take us through their semesters in Scandinavia. Follow along and ask them questions as they learn to navigate their new homes, travel on Study Tour, and explore Stockholm and Copenhagen on Field Studies.

Here are some early reflections from the bloggers:

“Since I arrived in Denmark, I have never felt any less than completely welcome here. My host family are some of the kindest people I have ever met, and I am so thankful that they have invited me into their home.” – Rick, University of Redlands

“With a little over three days left until I venture to Denmark, I still get sommerfugle (butterflies) in my stomach whenever I think about my journey.” – Sam, Middlebury College

“Being from the Bronx, NY greatly contributes to my core values, my fashion, my sense of humor, and how I handle stressful situations. And I’m bringing the hustle and high energy with me for my first trip to Europe.” – Candice, Wheaton College

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