Tips and Tricks For Enjoying Copenhagen on a Budget

While it is hands-down one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Copenhagen ain’t cheap. While there are things you should absolutely splurge on, if you’re here for a good chunk of time like many DIS students are, you’re going to need to find some ways to save money.

Take a walk 

This may sound dumb or kind of like a given but walking is one of the best ways to pass time and enjoy Danish culture without breaking the bank. Copenhagen has a ton of hidden gems and allowing yourself to walk aimlessly will introduce you to countless new parts of the city. Walking by the water, especially in Nyhavn in the summer will allow you to experience many people and gorgeous music. From street musicians to local bands, this area is always popping on summer nights. During my time in Copenhagen, I was able to experience the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. For a week in July, incredible jazz musicians played for hours around the city. I found that sitting by the water and enjoying the music was my favorite pastime of the week.


Pack a Lunch

Eating out in Copenhagen can easily turn a normal week into an expensive week. While the food is great and there are absolutely places to try, packing your lunch and enjoying a picnic will not only save you money but will make you look and feel like one of the locals. On pretty much any pretty night of the summer, you will see what feels like all of Copenhagen sitting in a park sharing food and wine. Groceries in Copenhagen are wonderfully fresh and extremely inexpensive. Grab a few friends, or even a good book, pack a lunch and spend a few hours sitting in one of the many gorgeous Copenhagen parks. You’ll save money, have some great time with friends and maybe even make a few local friends. Additional Bonus — Kings Garden, located about 10 minutes from DIS, allows you to enjoy your picnic under the shadow of a gorgeous castle.


Make it a beach day 

Amager Beach Park is just a few metro stops from the center of Copenhagen and gives you the chance to experience the beach without having to travel. The free park is a great place to lay out, swim in the Baltic, read a book, enjoy a packed lunch, or even just hang out and talk with friends. The man-made beach has a view of the Øresundsbroen bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden and some gorgeous windmills too. There are free concerts, sports courts and parties happening here year-round and it’s a great place to interact with Danish families. Your day trip to the beach will feel like going on vacation in the middle of your study abroad.


While Copenhagen has the reputation of being one of Europe’s most expensive cities to visit, there are many things to do in and around the city that are either inexpensive or totally free. When you participate in these cheaper activities, you are more likely to interact with the locals and get a taste of true Danish culture. My most wonderful experiences in Denmark have not been the touristy ones but the ones that have allowed me to really immerse myself in Danish culture.

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