Livin’ it Upp(sala)

It’s the day before my Lifespan Psychology class leaves for our Study Tour in Zurich! Instead of packing and reading over the itinerary, I’m currently on the train back from a lovely day exploring the streets of Uppsala, Sweden with my classmate, Maya. Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden, home of Uppsala University, Uppsala Cathedral, the Gunilla Bell, but also delicious cheap-priced buffets, parks full of vibrant flowers, cozy cafés, and wacky fountains. I’ve used Maya as my model in the pictures below.

Aside from stuffing myself with sweets and caffeine, I learned quite a lot today:

I finally caved and downloaded Googlemaps. It is indeed much better than Applemaps in terms of transportation options and showing specific arrival/departure times.

Omio is a great app for finding cheap inter-city train tickets, BUT remember to check the date when you’re purchasing a ticket. This morning, I assumed that I was buying a ticket for today, but my phone automatically set the date for tomorrow. Certain tickets are nonrefundable, including that one…

Seat assignments don’t appear to be mandatory.

Pack bugspray! Parks are a huge appeal to me, but bugs are unforgiving.

Pack a journal to document any “holy” moments.

Fika in the early afternoon to recharge yourself for more wandering (especially revitalizing if crêpes are included).

Swedish chocolate balls (chokladbollars) aren’t always filled with chocolate—they can surprise you and have a marshmallow filling instead! Don’t be deceived by the exterior.

Stay tuned for details on Zurich and the quality of Lindt chocolate :).

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