The Sun Sets on Session 1

Hello again, my name is Andy Mulach and I am back for Summer Session 2 at DIS! The first Session, I took Meaning of Style which was an incredible course. My Session 1 and Session 2 courses parallel each other in many ways. Each course is concerned with culture and how our lifestyle reflects who we are. For this next session, I am no longer focusing on fashion. My focus is on things that are much more… edible.

Ramen from Ramen To Biiru in Copenhagen.

For Session 2, I am taking Food and Identity. I primarily chose this course because I love to eat and have recently become more interested in improving my cooking skills. When I travel, one of the things I am most excited for is to try food that I have never encountered before. I am not a picky eater and am usually willing to try a food that is completely foreign to me. That is why I have been so pleased with trying Danish food such as smørrebrød.

A nice array of smørrebrød at Torvehallerne

Although I have only been in this class for a week so far, we have accomplished a lot. As a class, we did a blind food-tasting of local Danish food. Thankfully, I liked nearly every single item! For the most part, we tried a wide variety of smørrebrød. I also had Danish buttermilk for the first time. I was shocked by how strong the taste of it was, but I enjoyed it. We also have already heard from a travel writer on how to better document our experiences. My favorite part of the class so far is that we explore Copenhagen nearly every single day and take in the food culture around the city. I loved going to Torvehallerne as a class because I enjoy the extensive selection of fresh and delicious food there.

The vast seafood selection at Torvehallerne

Also, I was thrilled with the Study Tour opportunity for this course. For the second week of class, we will be traveling to Barcelona! I have never been to Spain and have always wanted to experience it. Additionally, I will be fully immersing myself in the culture by taking part in their culinary traditions. I am looking forward to discovering the similarities and differences between the food cultures of Denmark and Spain.

Finally, on an unrelated note, I cannot wait to watch Denmark in The World Cup! I am sure the atmosphere in Barcelona during that time will be electric as well. Denmark currently has about a 100/1 chance of winning the entire World Cup. I like those odds.

Denmark World Cup
Hopefully, we will be seeing many celebrations like these in the coming weeks


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