Ten Weeks Later

I officially have two more days in Copenhagen. I am admittedly a bit homesick, but in no way am I ready for my time here to end. The past ten weeks have flown by, and I am left in a limbo between feeling settled into Copenhagen and still knowing that I will be back at Whitman in a couple of weeks.

Blurry Tivoli

I have thought a lot about this final post, and perhaps the best way to wrap up is to reflect on some of my favorite things about Copenhagen.

  1. Swimming in the canals
  2. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
  3. Cinnamon rolls
  4. Nontraditional green-spaces
  5. Flødebolle
  6. Colorful architecture
  7. My classes

I feel like I could talk about the wonderful time I have spent in Copenhagen, but in the end, it was a wonderful way to spend my summer. I apologize for the final bombardment of pictures. This is my last chance to show some evidence of my adventures here and I will not pass this opportunity! Finally, I will miss living here, and the people I have met during my time studying, and I cannot wait until I can come back!

Wave or Mime?

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