Presentation Time!

Hello after a long time! This post is coming up pretty late, my apologies for that. Since it is the final 2 weeks, I am having a super hectic schedule all of a sudden. When deadlines for submissions are announced, I generally panic.

Deadlines approaching – A full house in the Interior Architecture Studio!

I am someone who is not too good at managing my time when it comes to studio projects. As it is with any design, you always feel you can keep improving, but one needs to know when to stop. I am in that phase right now, the constant dilemma between wanting to make my design better, and at the same time stick to the schedule and manage to finish all my work on time. For that very reason, I am glad that DIS has set a deadline for submitting our final plots and sheet printing to two days before the final review so that we utilize the last two days to develop our physical study model. For any design student, it’s a constant struggle to prioritize the time one needs to spend on the final sheet versus the final model, and thankfully this time, that’s one decision I don’t have to make.

The harborfront at night

As I mentioned in my earlier post, our studio is focusing on developing the harborfront near Langebro. Heinrich, our faculty, is dedicatedly spending an equal if not more amount of time to help us all bring out the best in our designs. As a student at DIS, my aim is to learn as much as I can, so I highly appreciate all the feedback from him, and have no qualms about positive criticism and working towards creating an efficient design together. One of my spaces is a sauna and I have a feeling this is going to be the most successful part of my entire project, as there is no existing sauna in Copenhagen. Also having lived here for over 5 weeks now, I know just how much the Danes love their food and eating out, so I have included a food court, a fine-dining restaurant, and a sky bar. Honestly speaking, I love food too, so my design would be incomplete without any food association. Everyone else in the class has diverse designs, and all of us have been working hard to finish them on time.

Giving my final review

Fast forward to today, and I realize that last week has passed by in such a blur, but I have accomplished all that I wished to do. This post is coming up after my final review, so I must tell you about the remarkable critics Heinrich scheduled for us. Just last week, we visited Nordhavn, the old industrial harbor area and saw the Silo, one of the architectural masterpieces designed by the famous Danish COBE architects. The Silo is actually a former grain silo that was remodeled into a top-notch residential building and is a great example of adaptive reuse. Eveline Petcu, project manager at COBE architects, was one of our critics for the final review, and it was enriching to have her assess our work. The other critic was Lars Anker, who works with the Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation, and is closely associated with precisely the area our studio project is located on, which makes it so exciting! Imagine having two locals, both well aware of the city and closely linked to designing for the city and the harbor, tell us about the positive and negative of our individual designs. It almost felt like we were presenting our ideas to be implemented in Copenhagen, and I completely savored the experience. I must say our class is very very lucky!

A happy me with my final presentation board

Now that the review is done, it is time for me to recover from all those sleepless nights and get some rest. I also have to go and explore all the places on my bucket list that I haven’t yet visited. I can’t believe that this summer is almost coming to an end!

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