Study Tour Highlights from the Summer Writers

The Summer Writers have been on week-long Study Tours exploring their courses through a new lens, and in the context of a new country. Read along to hear their main takeaways from the past week exploring Europe!

Travel Writing and a stop in Croatia

Priyam, Purdue University, Travel Writing

“To me, the thing that stands out the most is the conversation surrounding a sense of belonging in different places. I love how the class is not only about writing but also provides insights into different cultures and a traveler’s place in them.

As part of the course, we went for a 5-day study tour to Croatia, spending time in Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik. I had a ton of new experiences during our short eventful visit!”

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Peat Bogs and Precision Medicine: Studying in Dublin and Stockholm

Ellie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Precision Medicine: Tailored Treatment in Clinical Practice

“As I have learned about precision medicine, I have been taught to think like a peat bog: to consider nuances and preserve narratives. I am leaving this class with admiration for the passion of researchers, my peers, and the natural environment. I am leaving with new perspectives and hope for human-centered medical care.”

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Exploring Identity in a New Lens

Feaven, University of Michigan, African American Expats in Copenhagen and Paris

“I remember as I looked through the course listing for potential classes to take through DIS, I saw the African American Expats in Copenhagen and Paris course and thought to myself, “This is the type of class I’ve been looking for!” And immediately signed up for it. I never really thought too much about the impact of African Americans in Europe in particular, but knew that this would the opportunity to explore it further (and even firsthand in some instances!)”

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Travel Writing in Croatia

Kameo, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Travel Writing

“Croatia is now a check on my bucket list. I am eternally grateful for my study tour. I met phenomenal, generous people who educated, fed, and comforted me during this whole experience. This adventure through the Dalmatian islands triggered a spark in my wanderlust gene and now I’m empowered to put Lola’s instructions to use.”

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Confronting Europe’s Past

Kat, Denison University, Postcolonial Europe: Narratives, Nationalism, and Race

“I thought the study tour was absolutely magnificent, mostly because we were able to connect with so many people who have lineage from or memories of French or Belgium former colonies. That kind of geographically or ancestral connection is one of the keys in working on undoing Europe’s colonial hold. I especially loved Brussels where we got to tour The Royal Museum for Central Africa.”

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My Trip to the Red Light District

Jillian, Harvard University, Prostitution and the Sex Trade

“My goal coming into this summer was to push my limits and study topics unique to Europe, and I can safely say that after visiting Amsterdam and the Red Light District, I have achieved that goal.”

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Savoring the Present Moment

Jackson, Trinity University, Positive Psychology

“The tour was definitely full of positive emotions, there’s no doubt about that. Nothing was more positive for me though than the opera we watched one evening.

Our class attended the comedic opera Falstaff. And let me just say, that show was hilarious! I found myself and my classmate laughing at much more than I expected out of an opera.”

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