Student Writer: Jolene Dreier

Jolene DreierName: Jolene Dreier
Home University: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Summer Courses at DIS: Livability in the Modern City, Positive Psychology

And just like that, June is gone. July will come and on Friday I will head back to Nebraska. My parents have always said, “Time goes by fast, enjoy the age you are.” When I was young I felt like I was always crawling towards the next adventure. While this may just be an attempt for me to slow down this last week in Copenhagen, I think it’s more general than that. This past weekend, especially, I’ve been scheduling appointments, making plans to meet up with others and already have a list of tasks to do right when I get home.

How I could have never imagined what Denmark, Scotland and Sweden would be like, let alone all together in the same month. I knew it would be crazy. I knew it was going to be tiring. I just never realized what a blur of pictures, conversations and plane flights it would be.

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July will come whether I want it to or not. Whether it will be as big of a blur as June was, I’m not sure. I do know that these past weeks, as hectic as they are, have been good. But I also know, sharing the stories that came from it will be just as good.

I’ve been told in my current Positive Psychology course that the more gratitude you include in your life, the happier your life will be. I can’t wait to take the tactics I have learned through this course back home with me. Such as writing down three things, everyday, I am been thankful for. A small, yet powerful task that I’ve enjoyed here in Denmark.


I also can’t wait to be home and realize that I know have friends located around the world. It has been just a joy to interact with people who have similar interest as me. In addition to the new friendships, I will be taking home Denmark’s perspective on life. The idea that everything doesn’t need to be rushed and sometimes the best memories are the ones you don’t plan.

***Note: Post was written at the conclusion of Summer Session 2.

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