Student Writer: Amanda Sonzogni

Amanda SonzogniName: Amanda Sonzogni
Home University: University of Scranton
Summer Courses at DIS: The Meaning of Style, Holocaust & Genocide

There can be many challenges while studying abroad for every person. For my first experience abroad, my biggest challenge was trying not to get lost. I am the world’s worst person with directions! People back home express that I have no “inner compass.” This is a completely true statement and I never argue with them. I was extremely afraid of coming to Denmark and not being around the normal living situation I have back home. I have an international phone in Denmark but I did not get an international plan with my iPhone. What does a girl do without her Google maps?! Well in my case, actually pick up a map. Since my generation is so used to Internet solving every problem, it was a difficult piece of paper to pick up. But I did it! I can also confidently say that I am a pro at knowing all of the Copenhagen shopping areas. I noticed that I definitely wasn’t the only person bad at directions and even those that were good had to take the time to learn their way.  In the beginning, I would travel around Denmark with at least one other person so if we got lost, no big deal. We always ended up seeing something new anyway! So getting lost and finding my way has been both a challenge and enlightening while I have been abroad. My new motto: “You have to get lost to find your way!”

Amanda_MapMy Holocaust and Genocide course has been awesome! Professor Torben is one of the most intelligent professors I have ever had. When he told our class he specializes in genocides I automatically knew this would be an awesome class! The amount of detail he knows about concentration camps is amazing. His lectures are some of the most interesting lectures I’ve sat through and I do not say that often! It is difficult to listen to someone for close to 3 hours but when Professor Torben is finished I could listen for another 3. This past week we cooked and ate dinner together as a class. It was a great bonding experience and it was also a great way to see where everyone is from. I am leaving for Poland in 3 days and I cannot wait! I know Professor Torben is the exact professor I would want leading the study tour and I know it will be an experience I will never forget!

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