Student Writer: Amanda Sonzogni

Amanda SonzogniName: Amanda Sonzogni
Home University: University of Scranton
Summer Courses at DIS: The Meaning of Style, Holocaust & Genocide

I am extremely excited for my Holocaust and Genocide class with Professor Torben Jorgensen! I love that we are able to go to Poland and experience concentration camps and extermination camps first hand. I am Jewish and had family living in Poland during World War II that were killed by the Nazi’s. Being able to visit these camps firsthand has always been something I’ve wanted to do. My expectations are high about this course because I hope to get so much out of it. From looking at the syllabus, it definitely seems like my expectations will be met! The first week in class, we learn about the different camps in Poland and how they came about. We also cook dinner together as a class, which will be great to get to know everyone. On our study tour, we are able to visit the exact camps we learned about that following week! The final week of class, we have discussions and presentations about our experiences in Poland. How incredible! When the next three weeks end, I hope to be able to travel back to the United States will a wealth of knowledge about the Holocaust that I did not have before. I can’t wait to start my class and enjoy my last 3 weeks in Copenhagen!

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