Slowly Becoming a Local Tourist

It’s been three weeks since I got to Denmark, and Session 1 is coming to an end! Because I’m taking the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe class, my course will continue until the end of Session 2, uninterrupted.

It’s so crazy to think that I’ve been living in this beautiful city for three weeks and that I can call Copenhagen my home for three more weeks. I find my mind wandering and without even thinking about the destination, somehow I always get to the places I need to go – this is evidence that I’m slowly becoming a local tourist.

I’ve made so many memories and friendships in the past three weeks, and have learned so much from my class and practicum. I was able to check off almost everything from my bucket list in this short amount of time, and have eaten some of the best foods I have ever had in my life.


This next half of my time here (aka Session 2) is where the real fun will begin because, in two weeks, my class will be traveling to Helsinki and Stockholm for our Study Tour! BUT. Before that, my friends and I are taking advantage of the long weekend coming up soon by traveling to Brussels, Belgium! Although I love Copenhagen and being a tourist here, I also love traveling to other places, so I honestly cannot contain my excitement for my future travels!

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Besides traveling, going into Session 2 also means that our class will become more serious and intense. We will be creating a minimum viable product, conducting interviews with potential customers and vendors, and pitching our final product to a panel of professionals on the last day of instruction. Our class is starting to get into full work mode, and I can tell it will be a difficult journey these next three weeks, but I can’t wait to see how our concept comes to life.

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