An Interlude

Well, it’s been three weeks. And while my time in Scandinavia is far from over, I am halfway done in Copenhagen. It’s been both slow and fast at the same time. Although I’m not a city person, I really love being in Copenhagen. Public transport is easy and everyone here is willing to provide directions. Even though I’ve only been in my current class for three weeks, everyone got along and friendships were quickly formed. After our final exam, we all went to Islands Brygge for a little celebration where we relaxed and played Kubb, a Scandinavian game where you knock over wooden blocks.


My class was tough and required a lot of outside work, but I learned a lot in just three weeks. Not only did we learn the basics of pretty much every system in the body, we also did clinical work and an emergency medicine simulation. What was really nice was that the professors let us sit out if we felt uncomfortable doing any clinical procedures. I definitely feel more comfortable in this city now than when I arrived – wandering around the airport, tired and hungry, trying to find the DIS staff.

I’m looking forward to spending more time in Copenhagen, and eventually going over to Stockholm. And while I’m looking forward to the new people coming over for Session 2, I’m going to miss my friends who are leaving after Session 1. While Copenhagen isn’t going to change, I will be in a new class with new people and have many upcoming new adventures. These past three weeks have been fun, and I hope the next three weeks will be fun as well!



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