Six Plus Four: A Ten-Week Lifespan

I find it quite ironic that my ten week’s time in Stockholm this summer concludes with a Session 3 course entitled, “Lifespan Psychology: Shaping the Self,” because my journey here has been a key component of my development. Let’s take a look at my first four weeks before diving into my last six: On May 22nd, I arrived in a completely different setting, without ties to anyone or anything. I became fast friends with my fellow DIS airport-taxi-sharer and then with just about everyone at my housing site. I learned to go grocery shopping from ICA (a grocery store) by myself and cook my own meals everyday. I showed up to the Lab on time and worked tirelessly. Most importantly, I learned to live like a local—to commute without using Apple Maps, to explore with confidence, and to gain a sense of belonging in a city that now I may call my own. I proved to myself that I could carve my own path. I took giant steps in becoming a man. I have loved every minute of my being here and wouldn’t change a second. 

“My City”

Now let’s focus on my last four…Lifespan Psychology has been a great, great class. I have learned about psychosocial factors that affect one’s development across their lifespan. This topic especially piqued my interest because I have always had a certain curiosity for what makes someone themself. I have long thought that it must be a combination of internal and external influences, and this class has solidified that. Who you are is a cumulation of innate properties, what you have seen and done, who you have been with, how you have acted and reacted, and why you do what you do. The ‘self’ is the representation of these things. It is you. It is what, who, why, and how you are who you are. It is me, you, and everyone else. Most importantly, this class has taught me that because everyone’s respective ‘self’ develops similarly under different circumstances, we are one. We are a species with more in common than not. We are a united group that stands together. 

Furthermore, my class has grown very close and I truly enjoy everyone’s company. We grew especially close on our Study Tour to Zürich, Switzerland this past week. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate until Thursday night due to illness. Nonetheless, it felt as if I did not miss out on anything when I finally rejoined the group. My class is inviting, personable, and kind. Everyone is unique in their own way and a pleasure to be around. Also, my professor is incredible. Her passion for psychology rubs off on us and makes the material engaging and fun to discuss. She is a brilliant woman and a respected intellect. In all, I have zero complaints.

A Picture of Me Taking A Picture of Zürich

Kyle Wolf

DIS Stockholm

Summer ‘22

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