Six Places to Barbecue in Stockholm

In Stockholm, the sun does not set earlier than 23:00 during summer months. Many Stockholmers enjoy using the city’s favorable geographical location to their advantage by spending the long summer nights outside. The abundance of daylight gives you a lot of energy! One of the most popular things to do is barbecuing. Nearly all supermarkets sell disposable barbecues (in Swedish: engångsgrillar), which can be recycled in special waste bins available at most barbecue spots.

As you may already know, Sweden’s unique allemansrätt grants you the permission to explore nearly all public and private nature. Yet, for safety reasons, not all places might be suitable for barbecue purposes. Luckily, there are signs that explicitly state that it’s prohibited to barbecue – so be sure to look out for those. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of places where you can set up your grill. Here are our top six barbecue spots downtown!

Hornsbergs Strandpark

Without doubt, one of the most popular barbecue spots is Hornsbergs Strandpark. Located on the Northern shore of Kungsholmen, the evening sun warms your face as you can slowly see the sun set. Directly at the waterfront, you can take a refreshing swim, perhaps even after hitting the outdoor gym that is just 100 meters away. Hornsbergs Strandpark is tastefully designed and you can even sit down out on the water!

Nearest T-bana: Stadshagen.

NICK Hornsbergs strandpark 2
NICK Hornsbergs strandpark 1


Having access to a free spot is a 100% guarantee at Ladugårdsgärdet, commonly known as Gärdet. This grass field of more than 500 hectares is the perfect place to combine barbecuing with some games like football, slacklining, or frisbee. It is also arguably the most central barbecue spots, only a five-minute metro ride away from the central station. Due to Gärdets size and location, this is a go-to place for any spontaneously planned barbecue! Kaknäs äventyrslekplats is a permanent barbecue spot in this area.

Nearest T-bana: Gärdet.

NICK Gärdet

Ivar-Los park

You might not directly notice the Ivar-Los park, even if you are walking directly past it. This park is namely enclosed by a dark red wooden fence. Yet, the hidden location of this barbecue spot gives it a backyard-barbecue feeling! Because of its relatively small size, the Ivar-Los park might get a bit crowded at times. In that case, exit the park at its northern side, there are some smaller spots where you can barbecue there too. Bonus: both the park and the alley to its north provide a wonderful view on Stockholm’s skyline.

Nearest T-bana: Slussen.

NICK Ivar Los park


Just off the north-western coast of Södermalm, you will find Långholmen. This small island feels, despite its central location, very idyllic and serene. Before you start barbecuing, take a stroll and explore the island. Even to Stockholmers, being at Långholmen feels like being on holiday! Tip: if you want to barbecue here, come early.

Nearest T-bana: Hornstull.


Just southwest of the city center, you will find a true paradise, and it is called Vinterviken! Also popular among hikers, joggers, and swimmers, the beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for an evening barbecue. Find a spot one of the many fields or cliffs and get started – if you want, there is also swimming opportunities here. As Vinterviken itself covers quite a large area, you may double check that you are grilling at places where you are allowed to do so.

Nearest T-bana: Aspudden Örnsberg.

NICK Vinterviken

Mälarens Strand

Directly at lake Mälaren is the coastal area called Mälarens strand. Here, you can also combine your evening barbecue with a swim, or enjoy watching the boats in the harbor. Mälarens strand is a good spot to go to in case Vinterviken happens to be too crowded, and vice versa. These two places are quite similar, and located within walking distance from each other!

Nearest T-bana: Axelsberg.

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Nick (age 22) studies environmental social science at Stockholm University. A Dutch native, he moved to Stockholm two years ago. Although once the very worst at finding artsy coffee places and affordable restaurants, he now has an eye for what’s going on in the city. Likes: hiking in nature and spontaneous meet-ups with friends. Still afraid of the dark Swedish winters.

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