Denmark as Your Home, Norway as Your Classroom

If there’s anything Copenhagen will teach you, it is to stay positive. The weather changes by the hour, so it can go from sunny blue skies to gray and misty multiple times in one day. The best approach is to wear layers, and always have an umbrella or a rain jacket. Once you accept the unexpected, you’ll begin to appreciate the sun rather than dread the rain. This mentality will take you very far in Copenhagen, with DIS, and even in everyday life. I think you will find yourself more content this way.

The Royal Library

To wrap up session one, I spent a long weekend at Brussels and Bruges in Belgium eating lots of waffles, fries, and chocolate!

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This session, I am taking Public Health in the Arctic— a course focused on healthcare systems and delivery in the Arctic Circle. We talk about everything relating to the Arctic region like culture, geography, history, and politics to gain a better understanding of health administration and care. Although I do not have a connection with the Arctic, I chose this course to learn about another side of medicine. I think that a physician needs to understand the world of the people they are treating, or at least make an effort to. Also, this course is not just for pre-health students. My classmates come from various backgrounds, such as film and architecture.

All Session 2 courses include a Week-Long Study Tour, which is sort of like a field study, but much more in depth and involved! This year, our tour is in Tromsø and Karasjok in Northern Norway. We are visiting hospitals, research centers, and other cultural sites. I am so excited to visit the places we are learning about! Northern Norway climate is slightly cooler than Copenhagen, so I’ll be sure to pack that umbrella and a good attitude. 🙂

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