Session 2 Students Gear Up to Arrive

Session 2 and the Architecture & Design Session both begin on Monday, and while some Session 1 students will stay, others have not yet left for Copenhagen. 

Still at home (and excitedly awaiting their summers abroad), Summer Writers Emma and Sneha reflect on their last few days before departure, and expectations for their time abroad with DIS.

Counting Down the Days

Emma_CripeName: Emma Cripe
Home University: Northwestern University
Summer Session 2 Course: Emerging Markets
Summer Session 3 Course: Windmills Constructed: Energy in Scandinavia

Hi! I am Emma Cripe, a rising junior at Northwestern University. I am very excited to spend seven weeks this summer in Copenhagen! I’m a Biomedical Engineering major and an Economics minor, so the courses that I’ll be taking at DIS will fit perfectly with my economics and engineering background. I chose DIS because of the content of the courses, but also the structure. Both of my courses have week-long study tours, which will consist of academic and cultural visits! I’ll be going to Latvia and Germany! Being able to apply what I’ve learned in class to the real world on the study tours (and being able to experience the culture of other European cities) was one of the main reasons I chose DIS.

When I found DIS, I knew that Copenhagen would be the perfect city to study abroad in! I’ve always wanted to study abroad somewhere off the beaten track and in a country that I’ve never been to. Copenhagen has a rich history and I can’t wait to explore the neighborhoods of the city and all of the historical landmarks (who doesn’t love castles?!). After learning more about Danish culture and history, I realized that Denmark would be a great fit for me!

As departure day gets closer and closer, I’ve been reading many of the DIS student blogs, preparing for the culture and the experiences that I’m going to have in just a few days. I’ve also been learning some Danish on the Duolingo app! Most Danes speak English, but I’m sure it will be useful to know a few Danish phrases (I’ve heard grocery shopping can be quite difficult without a little bit of Danish knowledge!) I’ve tried to prepare as much as possible while keeping in mind that the best experiences will be the spontaneous ones!

One of my goals while abroad is to become as immersed in the culture as possible. I’m hoping that my housing placement will help, as I will be living in the Robert Jacobsen Kollegium in Amager. It will be about a 30 minute commute on the Metro, or a 4.5 mile bike ride, to get to class each day. Biking is a big part of Danish culture and I’m very excited to join in! I’m looking forward to meeting Danes in my kollegium and becoming as immersed as possible in my seven weeks in Denmark!

I can’t wait to arrive in Copenhagen so that my adventure can begin!


A Change in the Weather

Sneha_SridharName: Sneha Sridhar
Home University:
Rhode Island School of Design
Architecture and Design Session Courses:
Interior Architecture Design Studio, plus Corequisite, Visual Journal

As I pack, I look outside my window.

Cows on the middle of the street, cars honking loudly, people impatiently ducking for cover as the unpredictable monsoon rains descend during the afternoon – all this will soon turn into cobbled stone roads and endless summer days. I leave for Copenhagen in a week.

I will miss Bangalore, its lazy rhythm, the occasional potholes and, dare I say, the notoriously lethal traffic. I stuff in little bits of my life into a suitcase as I get ready to leave India. I am excited to begin the Interior Architecture Design Studio with DIS but that doesn’t quash my trepidation. Armed with an impetuous urge to achieve as much as I can, my thoughts constantly drift towards the new city I am about to move to.Sneha-rickshaw

Whenever someone mentions Denmark, vikings come to mind. I wanted to get an idea of what to expect in Copenhagen, apart from Romanesque cathedrals and The Little mermaid, so I looked up some videos. There are various videos on social etiquette suggestions and Danish stereotypes and perhaps I’ll have to see for myself see which ones hold merit.

I can see myself cycling on the roads in Copenhagen, visiting architectural gems like  Børsen and the Royal Danish Playhouse. Another interesting venture should be the food. I’m a vegetarian so it may be challenging to track down all the vegetarian treats Denmark has to offer. Right now, vegetable soups like Gule Ærter are looking like my best options, but I shall endeavor to find a vegetarian smørrebrød. I can’t wait to try the desserts! I’ve got my eye (and stomach) on Koldskål and Æblekage. So as I bid farewell to my life in India, I look forward to my summer in Scandinavia where I may hopefully find some hygge with the happiest people on Earth!

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