Being a Dane vs. Being a Tourist

Jackie_Gaffney_Summer 1_2Name: Jackie Gaffney
Home University: Indiana University
Summer Session 1 Course: Corporate Social Responsibility: Business of Ethics?
Summer Session 2 Course: Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European Perspective

Coming to Copenhagen, I was torn between wanting to explore like a tourist and wanting to fit in with the culture of the Danes. Honestly, the choice is yours. I knew from the start that I wanted to see every castle, church, and harbor, so I felt like being a tourist here was a natural reaction. However, I have learned that simply hanging out in parks and walking around is just as fun as seeing all of the tourist attractions. When the sky is clear and the sun is shining, the Danes flock to parks, such as King’s Garden. They lay out, have picnics, and relax.

However, I highly suggest doing as many tourist activities as well! The history of jackie-gaffney-view-churchCopenhagen and what the city has to offer is incredible. I made a list of activities and sights the first day I arrived in Copenhagen (after the jet lag settled) and am proud to say I have completed most of it. One of these sights is the Church of Our Savior tower, which lets you climb to the top and overlook the entire city.

Another favorite of mine was Tivoli Gardens, a popular amusement park in the heart of the city. Even if you do not enjoy rides and roller coasters, you should still check it out as it is incredibly beautiful. There are many places to sit and relax, and tons of small restaurant and dessert stops.

jackie-gaffney-tivoliAnother stop on the list is Frederiksborg Castle! This must be the most beautiful area I have ever been to. The castle itself is magnificent and the extensive gardens are outstanding. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this part of Denmark and never wanted to leave. I could have gazed at the landscape all day if I had the chance (and time).

jackie-gaffney-frederiksborg castleThe most helpful thing I have learned in my short time here thus far is to be yourself while also immersing yourself in the Danish culture surrounding you! See Tivoli, the Little Mermaid, and Rosenborg Castle, but also relax outside and enjoy being in Denmark! Do not be afraid to be a tourist, but don’t be afraid to try to be a Dane as well.

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