Ready, Set, Go!

After a cramped eight-hour plane ride from Chicago to Copenhagen, I was thrilled to finally arrive at my Residential Community in the city. My home university, Northwestern, is in a suburban area, so I could not wait to totally immerse myself in a city environment while also studying.

Luckily for me, I began exploring Copenhagen the first day I got here. My Student Resident Adviser took the whole Residential Community on a neighborhood walking tour after a group dinner. We wandered around a beautiful park, and saw the Queen’s palace and the Little Mermaid statue.

The park near my Residential Community.

I’d only been in Copenhagen one night and I knew I was where I wanted to be. There is so much to do in the city and around Denmark, and I can’t wait to dive into exploration. Since I can’t study abroad during the school year, I plan on making the most of my month in Copenhagen!

My class, “Propaganda: Fakes and Facts,” is taught by a professor who works for the European Union. After just two classes, I am completely invested in the course, and can’t wait to travel to Brussels, Belgium for the Study Tour.

For the second class, our professor took me and my fellow classmates to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for a Field Study. I couldn’t believe that it was only the second class and we were already venturing into professional media organizations. We met with investigative journalist Bo Elkjær, listened to him tell us about projects he’s working on, and asked our own questions.

Inside the DR.

I haven’t even been in Copenhagen for a week yet and, already, I know this city and DIS will continue to offer me so many incredible opportunities. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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