Last First Day in Copenhagen

My last first day of class was on Monday, and although I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends in my last class, I am excited to meet more amazing students and restart the learning process. This Session, I am taking Sexual Education and Reform in Europe.

Beach Sunset After Class

The course analyzes the historical and modern contexts of sexual education with a specific focus on different European systems. Our Study Tour will be in Berlin, and although I am not entirely sure exactly what we are doing yet, I am so excited to spend time in such a historical city.

Assistens Cemetery Main Path

I also look forward to having a few more weeks to explore Copenhagen. I have gotten to see so many amazing places inside and outside of the city, yet there are a few more things to knock out on my list. Today I went to Assistens Cemetery, which was more like a park, and tomorrow I hope to grab dinner at Reffen. I am overwhelmed with the things I still want to do while I am here, but I am so happy to be spending four more weeks here in Copenhagen.

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