Learning from Surroundings: Abby Hoffman Fall ’13

Abby Hoffman_CPHThis Academic Excellence Award winner, Abby Hoffman, suggests using surrounding people and places to gain knowledge. Where has this lead her to today? Find out!

Name: Abby Hoffman
Home University: Endicott College
Academic Program: Graphic Design

DIS: What influenced your decision to choose your particular DIS academic program and why did you choose it?

Abby: My influence to choose the Graphic Design program at DIS was simple; Graphic Design is my major and passion in life. I was attracted to the style of teaching where I would be designing solutions for real and current issues. I felt that DIS would easily enhance my academics and provide me with an international portfolio.

DIS: What do you want to do in your future and after graduation? How have you been affected by your academic program in a way that changed your career path or perspective?

Abby: I hate this question. The simple answer is, I don’t know. I have ideas of pursuing a career in Visual Identity design or Editorial Design but what I am most interested in at the moment is Interactive Design/Solutions specifically within digital design. Since there is so much I can do with my degree, I am unsure but I know that DIS has open my eyes to further possibilities. The studio visits and study tours in my program have inspired me to apply for internships in those specific locations so that it a future plan of mine.

DIS: What would you recommend future students in your program do to maximize their experience?

Abby: I recommend to future students to learn from their total surroundings and to not forget that their strongest influence can come from peers. Remember that you are here to learn not from a book but from experience. This means that your resources (professors, peers, the city) will be your best friends.

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