Breaching Cultural Differences: Carly Sloan Fall ’13

Academic Exellence Award winner, Carly Sloan, took inspiration from DIS Faculty, who pushed her to think critically about her dream to teach economics, just as they do.

Name: Carly Sloan
Home University: Rhodes College
Academic Program:
Global Economics

DIS: What influenced your decision to choose your particular DIS academic program and why did you choose it?

Carly: Choosing Global Economics as my program and core course was a natural choice for me, as I am an Economics major at my college. I was particularly excited about a Global Economics course centered on Denmark because Denmark and the United States are both very different countries, yet they enjoy similar economic success and stability. The added bonus of exploring additional European countries could only been seen as a positive. I also find Global Economics especially relevant. No one wants to be the person who can’t describe the Eurocrisis!

DIS: What do you want to do in your future and after graduation? How have you been affected by your academic program in a way that changed your career path or perspective?

Carly: My ultimate goal is to become a Economics professor and consultant. My exposure to professors who teach, but also work in Economics has made realize how much I want real world experience to be part of my career. Having My DIS professors who are able to balance a career, teaching, and a family are major role models for me.

Carly Sloan_Study TourDIS: What would you recommend future students in your program do to maximize their experience?

Carly: I would suggest paying special attention to the work environment as you visit different companies in Denmark and on your travel tour. One of the most striking differences between the United States and Denmark is the more relaxed, yet highly effective work atmosphere. This along with a diminished work hierarchy means professors and professionals are more approachable. In this light, ask questions if you have them. (This wasn’t always my strong suit, so if you have burning questions ask away). Finally, there is a reason DIS hired the faculty they did. Take the time to talk to them!

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