I Thought it Was Called the Tunnel Banana

In addition to being a convenient way to commute, Stockholm’s metro system, the t-bana, is an attraction of its own. The t-bana (short for tunnelbana, meaning tunnel path, not tunnel banana) is known as the world’s longest art exhibit because the stops have been decorated and designed by over 150 artists. There are even guided tours if you want to make sure you see all the best stops! I haven’t seen all of them, but here are my top six:

     6. T-Centralen



Stockholm’s Central Station is not a t-bana stop that visitors are likely to miss! Although much of Central Station looks more like a typical airport, the t-bana stop is an ode to workers who made the t-bana what it is today.

    5. Skanstull


Skanstull lights up the underground with video art!

    4. Rådhuset



Getting off the t-bana at cave-like Rådhuset gives you a feeling of being underground on a different level than other stops.

    3. Högdalen


The tulips at Högdalen brighten up any gray day!

     2. Hötorget



Hötorget’s bright lights reflect what’s going on above ground at this location. Hötorget is a market in an open square surrounded by vibrant shopping streets in central Stockholm.

  1. Stadion



Stadion is the stop right by DIS! At DIS, we are neighbors with the Olympic Stadium from when Stockholm hosted the games in 1912. This t-bana stop is dedicated to those games. The rainbow represents the Olympic rings!

Although I was mildly devastated to learn that tunnelbana does not translate to tunnel banana, these artistically designed stops did not disappoint. This urban art gallery is one you can’t miss!


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