How Sweden Rejected My Winter Coat

Hej hej!

Jenny Nielsen here. Instead of writing a nice introductory post where you can get to know me (see how I get you to keep reading my blog?), I am instead going to write about how in just one week Sweden found my winter coat so revolting it felt the need to destroy it.

Let’s start at the beginning. For those of you who don’t know, the Swedes prefer to wear black and blend in with their fellow Swedes. I, on the other hand, stroll through Stockholm in a bright purple coat, obnoxious orange hat (that I made myself, might I add!), and a flowery orange backpack. Needless to say, I’ve gotten a few looks in the week I’ve been here.

However, things were going great until my Learning & Living Community (LLC) members and I decided to trek into the woods with our fearless leader Niklas.

Hiking through the beautiful Swedish wilderness

Everything was going wonderfully- we were bonding, exploring nature- until we stopped to eat lunch. To embrace the full nature experience (thank you Niklas), we had to make a fire, including finding wood and using flint, and cook our sausages over it.

It’s hard to ask for a better lunch than this

It was then that the fire decided to strike. It sent forth a burst of sparks, two of which happened to land on my bright purple coat. No one noticed, including me, until the sparks had burned their way through my winter coat, sweatshirt, and the beginning of my shirt. That’s when I finally felt some heat back there. The result?

The lovely new holes in my winter coat

Luckily, I was not hurt and I really don’t mind too much (someone here’s gotta be able to help me fix it). We had a great day in the woods, the food was delicious, and we learned how to make a fire. I find it more ironic than anything that after just one week, my bright coat in a sea of black was damaged. Maybe it’s a lesson to embrace more of the local culture.

Still just a little bit salty,


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