How to NOT Fit In (Ft. My Friends)

It is pretty easy to stick out like a sore thumb here in Stockholm. I’ve compiled an extensive list of instances in which my friends and I could’ve tried a little harder to assimilate. You live and you learn.

1. Place: Pendeltåg towards Södertälje Centrum. Time: 7:30 AM. Sarah basically screams “BLESS YOU” to the man sitting next to her who is quietly listening to music on his morning commute. On his way out, he tells us to enjoy our time in Stockholm.

2. Place: Mall of Scandinavia. Emily actively seeks out a Dunkin’ Donuts. Gets a Swedish flag donut.

They don’t have these in America!!

3. Place: Cafe in Uppsala. I take an awkward picture of Kyle and Emma with Sweden’s beloved and treasured seasonal treat, SEMLA :)) They are so yummy.

Me, a proud mother taking photos of her children

4. Place: Vintage store in Södermalm. Apparently, old sweatshirts from American state schools count as vintage. Emma proudly reps IU. I do not find a Tufts sweatshirt.

I promise Emma is not my only friend here.

5. Place: The Common room of Sollentuna RC. Every Tuesday night at 9 PM, we gather to watch the Bachelor, provided by Sara’s sister’s Hulu subscription. Nico, our SRA walks in on a bunch of Americans watching girls cry for 2 hours and he promptly walks out.

6. Place: ICA. Don’t know how Swedish people do laundry but definitely cannot distinguish between detergents. Megan and I stand there and stare and I think about how I just want some tide pods. Even though they are horrible for the environment.

7. Place: T-Centralen. We sprint the entire length of the station just to miss our commuter train anyway.

Give us a break!! We are still learning.




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