One of my favorite things about Stockholm is that you’re literally never more than a 10-minute (maybe 15 if you’re a turtle) walk from a park. For someone who loves nature, it’s fantastic. This weekend, I had the chance to explore Stockholm’s greatest natural treasure: the Stockholm Archipelago. As a native Michigander, it felt great to be back by open water. It was so stunning I need to share my experience (mostly to make you all jealous).

Saturday featured a trip to Artipelag, an art gallery in the inner archipelago. It’s a modern gallery built by the inventor of Baby Bjorn, or as I like to call it the human kangaroo. The building is fantastically incorporated into nature, with entire walls of windows so that you feel outside when in reality you’re sitting in the nice warmth gorging yourself with a brunch buffet that never ends.

This picture looks like I stole it from their website but I promise I took it myself

The roof of the building is a little patio to enjoy a panoramic view of the archipelago. The stairs leading up are decorated with constellations, so I imagine it’d be an excellent place to star gaze (maybe in the summer- it’s a little freezing to attempt that at night right now). I decided it was an excellent place to watch the sunset.

Sunsets over water are the best sunsets

Sunday featured a trip to Gålö, a nature reserve in the Southern archipelago featuring more typical archipelago scenery. And by typical archipelago scenery, I mean jaw-dropping beauty. It was one of those moments when you’re walking through a forest and suddenly exit the trees and find yourself in a whole different world that’s more magical than the last. I almost felt like I was in a Disney movie, except the animals weren’t singing.

Our view after emerging from the trees

It was so fun to scramble around on the rocks along the shore, with each turn providing a new view. The air smelled of salt and seaweed, and against my friend’s better judgment, I tasted the water to see how salty it was (Spoiler alert: it was very salty and rather disgusting) (Spoiler alert part 2: it was also freezing).

I highly recommend a trip to the archipelago to anyone who finds themselves fortunate enough to be in Stockholm. Even in the winter, the scenery is lovely (who needs sunshine and warmth?). It’s a great place for a picnic, a hike, or a cruise around the islands. I can’t wait to go back.


Still smelling that salty air,


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