Glimpses of Iceland


Our Study Tour to Reykjavík, Iceland has held some of the most beautiful and rewarding days in my life. We’ve seen so many breathtaking landscapes and amazing scenery that it can be almost overwhelming to take in. However after a long day of exploring historic sites on a tour bus, there isn’t anything better than a walk along the bay as the sun starts to set and ending with a nice Viking Red IPA in the city!

Quiet walks along the bay; picture taken after 11 PM which shows just how light it is

Reykjavík is such a small, charming city that is indescribably very different than any other European city I’ve been to. Maybe it’s the feeling of remoteness on this nordic island that makes the air seem fresher and the fish tastier; or maybe it’s just my expectations combined with a suitable level of jet lag and giddiness. Iceland has always been one of the top places I’d like to visit and it does not disappoint.

The locals here have been so friendly and are equally as interested in learning about where we’re from as we are about Iceland, which I find very unique. The Icelanders we met all seem very in love with their country and proud to show us its beauty and culture. We have been focusing on the rich Viking Age history of the island and I have found that most of the locals truly look upon the Viking settlers as their ancestors and try to keep their stories alive.

Horseback riding through lava fields

We have done so many amazing things on our Study Tour so far, but my favorite has to be our bus tour of the Golden Circle, which took us on an incredibly scenic journey to some of Iceland’s top destinations. Gullfoss Waterfall was so beautiful that I still can’t shake the disbelief that I was there!

Gullfoss with its ever-present rainbow

Sadly our Icelandic Study Tour is coming to an end, but we are all looking forward to the Swedish Midsummer holiday when we return, which will be detailed in the next post! I think we’re also all missing Stockholm and its cinnamon rolls a little bit too.

Vi Ses!

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